The Region

From the Hotel Les 2 Rives, you can discover the Lozere department and its landscapes:




L’Aubrac :

Vast desert land that rises to 1469 meters, Aubrac is a tank very rich and diverse fauna and flora and has a remarkable architectural heritage.

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The Wolf of Gevaudan:

Wolf Park in St. Lucia, more than 100 wolves live in semi-freedom in large enclosures.

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The European bison

Reserve Sainte Eulalie includes over 200 ha of natural preserved a herd of European bison in semi-freedom. Discover this animal atypical survivor from prehistoric times…

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Mazel Donkey farm

Donkey hugs and volunteers as a traveling companion, you can simply go picnicking at the water’s edge along the marked trails or go exploring several days. A shared pleasure from 2 to 72 years!


Gorges du Tarn; grand causses et Cévennes


Gorges du Tarn:

This spectacular canyon of 43 km, formed by the river Tarn between the Causse Mejean and the Causse de Sauveterre can be toured by car, bicycle, foot or canoe.

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Belvédère des vautours ( Vulture lookout)

This site is home to various species reintroduced in the unique setting of the Gorges du Tarn.


Le point sublime:

On the edge of the cornice, this panoramic view over the Gorges du Tarn is situated on the Causse de Sauveterre, at 870 meters above sea level and plumb the Cirque des Baumes..

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Aven Armand Cavern:

Impassioned guides will make you admire, thanks to a setting in light with the changing effects, the Virgin forest and its 400 single stalagmites in the world.

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Ferme Caussenarde d’Autrefois ( Causs farm)

At Hyelzas this old farmhouse is a journey through time: learn the daily life of peasants of the past through the magnificent architecture of this farm remained intact.



It is a live in sculpture, exhibition spaces (indoor and outdoor), it is sculptures-games. Everything is to be observed, discovered, experimented. We are located on the Causse de Sauveterre, near Sainte-Enimie in Lozère, a magical landscape where one feels at the same time closer from earth and closer from the sky.


Gorges de la Jonte


The Cavern of Argilan:

Being a visitor of Dargilan you’re captured by the impressive dimensions and the variety of its accentuated natural colored formations.


The Abyss of Bramabiau:

The abyss of Bramabiau has no modesty of a discreet entrance. When high tides rush outside in this breach, a deaf person rumour rises towards the mountain.

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Vallée du lot


Tree trail:

In a 2 ha park at the exit of La Canourgue on the road to the Gorges du Tarn, practice one of acrobatics  4 courses for children, adolescents and adults to live a moment of great emotion and chills.

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Wellness center of la Canourgue:

Massage well-being have these beneficial effects. For further harmonization movements for California, by specific pressures practiced in traditional Chinese, or by placing hot stones, you will find a deep well-being, deep relaxation and a more Zen.

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Mont Lozère


Vallon du Villaret:

This wilderness park, offers amazing games designed by artists, for children 2 to 72 years!

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Roquefort in Aveyron, located at the bottom of the rock of Combalou and registered as Site Remarquable du Goût, is an unique village. Here, and only here, at the depths of the caves, the famous Roquefort cheese, First Appelation of Origin, is ripened.

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Vélo-rail St Eulalie du Cernon ( rail handcar)

Coupe, family or just between friends, these splendid and amusing excursions will bring you on an old railroad full of mystery and charme. Two circuits are accessible to everyone and will delight both young and old. Tunnels and viaducts punctuate tour travek along the Gorgeous  Cernon Valley.



The city of insects, is an amusement park located in Aveyron, near the Viaduct of Millau. This is a fun and educational for the whole family, where you will discover the insects and their natural environment through 15 indoor and the carnival of bugs out.


Le Viaduc de Millau:

From conception to completion, several hundred men have joined their energy and ingenuity to participate in this unique work. They have mastered the latest technologies (laser, GPS …) to drive to the nearest millimeter the construction of this giant steel and concrete.

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