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I offer myself a break in the Aveyronnais country! Yes!  Let's enjoy

During your holiday in Lozère, the Aveyron is only 2 steps away!

So let's cross the border together.

clean, healthy air for our holidays."

An exceptional heritage.

Culture with a majestic building of our beautiful region Occitania.


Your program

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the room

D2: breakfast

  • 9am departure for your visits
  • Morning visit of the Millau Viaduct
  • 13:00 Picnic on the banks of the Tarn with stunning views of the Viaduct
  • 3pm visit of the Caves of Roquefort and its village

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We remind you that all activities must be carried out with the different partners.

To every kingdom, its secrets!

Who is just waiting to be discovered by You!

It’s up to you to choose your route for this day, or follow the recommendations by the schoolboys’ route!

Below you will find our recommendation for your immersion in the heart of the Aveyron which will be rich in terms of landscape, winding roads and historical monuments. Especially don’t forget to visit our favorites along the way.


  Votre trajet aller « MAP »

The day of all possible

Hôtel La Canourgue: Hôtel Les 2 Rives


From Banassac crossing La Canourgue « Little Lozérian Venice ».

A village that we advise you to visit when you arrive with us, but it is imperative to have visited before leaving. The canals will seduce you, in fact in our country it is missing only the boats.





A morning rich in landscapes and monuments

9am: It’s time to hit the road

Groupe Lozère - Hôtel Les 2 Rives - Chambre groupe


Lozère Group – Hotel Les 2 Rives – Room Group Take Direction Millau by the A75. Exit just before the viaduct, from the exit take the direction of the view area of the Viaduct on your right. Already a first taste on this majestic building.

In a second time for the guided tour of this architectural watch.


To learn more about the viaduct of all records, it’s easy… Follow the Eiffage guide and live a unique experience, as close as possible to the book!

The Millau Viaduct is a member of the « Languedoc Exceptional Sites » network.

Tribus - Séjour Lozère - Séjour Aveyron - Hôtel Les 2 RivesThis network was born in 2008 from the desire of 6 sites of the department of Herat to work together on the promotion and enhancement of their tourism and heritage offer.
In 2019, it opens up to the neighbouring departments of Gard and Aveyron to offer visitors a new tourist destination.

Today, 17 tourist and heritage sites and 9 partner providers (exceptional wine and olive fields, activity providers, etc.) make up the network.


 For the second year in a row, the Millau Viaduct is a member of the « 12 Immanquables en Aveyron ».

12 tourist sites come together to offer discounted rates to visitors!
A ticket purchased at one of the twelve partner sites allows you to take advantage of the discounted fare at all other sites, on the simple presentation of a 2019 ticket.

1pm: The time for a gourmet break has arrived

viaduc millau tourisme roquefort

Why better as a magical place to picnic Niquer, enjoy the view but this liver: view from below the Viaduct on the banks of the Tarn.

A beautiful and majestic environment thanks to Eiffage.




Roquefort is a famous Aveyron cheese.

séjour roquefort aveyron lozereRoquefort stay aveyron lozere Love between the Massif Central, south of the Grand Causses Regional Natural Park, and the foothills of the Larzac plateau on the one hand, leaning against the side of the Combalou mountain on the other hand, the geographical configuration of the Roquefort site has been ideal for breeding and protecting populations for more than 6000 years.
As a result, Louis Balsan, archaeologist and caver, called Roquefort « the capital of the prehistory of the Great Causses » in 1948.

Visit the Caves Company

12,000 m² of cellars built since the Middle Ages, and still in operation today for the refining of the Roquefort AOP Company.

Discover the mysteries of the Caves Roquefort Company…

Roquefort - Tourisme Aveyron - Hôtel Les 2 Rives

The department of Aveyron is home to many exceptional sites. Among them, the cellars of Roquefort Society occupy a special place: the omnipresent nature has shaped in the basement a box that gave birth, thanks to the work in symbiosis of Man and nature, at the Caves Roquefort Society. Even today, the refining of the Roquefort AOP Company is still carried out in these cellars with unique architecture. Today, the Caves Society welcomes more than 100,000 visitors each year, while remaining active. Enter the Company cellars all year round, you will have an intense and true experience.

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