The Hotel Les 2 Rives Logis strives to respect its surroundings and also to bring you through various ways more comfort throughout your stay.

A process of labelling to highlight the efforts of our entire team was conducted. These distinctions are a bit our pride.

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The Maître Restaurateur Label

At a time when good eating has never been so popular, the Maîtres Restaurateurs offer you an official identity, VALIDATED, RECOGNIZED and CONTROLLED by the State. They all have the same voluntary approach, from the smallest hostel to the most prestigious restaurant.

At the end of 2018, the Restaurant Les 2 Rives and its chef were rewarded for their efforts, which are not really efforts. In fact, our approach is in the continuity of that of the hotel : make you discover good and healthy products of our region or region bordering; prepare them in all simplicitie, well presented and with a seasoning that is unique to our Chef .




emeures de Lozère

The Hotels Restaurants «Demeures de Lozère» correspond in 8 properties with a charm and a personalized character. You will find in everyone : the will to make you discover local quality products in your dishes. Made to seduce you, each « Demeures de Lozère » is the custodian of an immemorial art of living and receiving in order to please your taste buds.


The Clef Verte Label 

We work as much as possible in short circuits with producers of the Lozère and Aveyron, for the design of the restaurant itself we have made local artisans work. We recycle our waste. In addition, breakfast food comes from local agriculture or are homemade.

The Clef Verte label confirmed in 2013 the ecological approach of the Hotel Les 2 Rives ! We also make customers aware of our eco-responsible approach :

Do not hesitate to sort your waste during your stay with us

  • Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave your room or the restaurant WC
  • Use only the bathroom linen you need
  • Enjoy organic hospitality products
  • Discover the local terroir on your dishes

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Logis de France

We joined this voluntary chain because it has the image of a group of hoteliers who love their region, their products and who want to pass this on to their travelers.

We thank all our guests who, on holidays, as at home, also think of the environment and our small producers.




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