Lozère puts on its spring dress, outdoor activities open their doors to let you discover their world asleep during the Winter. Spring will amaze you !

The vegetation is beautiful

On the Aubrac, the narcissus make themself pretty in the middle of the large expanses, the trees are in full bloom. The Gorges du Tarn are green before the hot summer.

Easter and long weekends

Were you looking for an excuse to leave during the spring ? Do not look anymore. Everything is favorable to make you spend a pleasant stay in Lozère at the gates of Aveyron !!

The transhumance

Every year it is a typical, traditional and friendly event, awaited by thousands of people, sometimes from far away.

The festival of the transhumance usually takes place on the Sunday closest to the 25th of May. It celebrates the walk of herds to pastures, where the grass is greener. They’ll graze there all summer long !

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Discover down below our suggestions of visits during your stay !

Discover our beautiful landscapes and their flowering vegetation !

Gevaudan Museum

Dargilan and Bramabiau Caves

The Abîme of Bramabiau

The discovery of the Gorges du Tarn from the water either by canoe or on the boats of La Malène

Our different animal parks

The bungee jump

The Caussenarde farm Aux Saveurs d’Autrefois

The mill of Cénaret

The cutlery of Laguiole

la lozere naturellement