No doubt, here we are ! Winter started a few weeks ago, but has only really begin since the beginning of the year.

The cold settled down well and the snow fell all over France and the whole Lozerian department. Whether in the Cévennes, on the Mont-Lozère, the Margeride, the Aubrac, the Grand Causses or even the Gorges du Tarn and the Jonte. The landscapes are covered with a nice white coat. The days are short, the temperatures are getting colder and we’re covering up a little more, but it’s good to be in winter.

The snow

When it arrives, we all have the same reflex, we stop to contemplate it and sometimes play with it. It’s time to put on your gloves, your boots, your cap, your sash and go on an adventure (at the end of the garden) to make the famous snowman.

Snow always has a small effect on the heights of the Lozère, for young and old alike.

The hot drinks

No more ice cream and smoothies. It’s cold, our body needs to warm up with a good Malakoff hot chocolate matched with some whipped cream sweets, caramel or cinnamon to enjoy at home or at Les 2 Rives Logis Bar Restaurant with friends.

The endless hot baths

Transitted by cold and frozen to the bones after remaining outside by a negative temperature, there is nothing like to warm up with a good hot bath with a water temperature that is close to that of the hot spring of Bagnols-les-Bains.

Hot baths, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi with stunning views of the Aubrac under the snow, the spa resort of La Chaldette is an essential place for fitness during the winter.

The holiday season

The Hotel *** Restaurant Les 2 Rives Logis welcomes you for New Year’s Day and lunch on January 1st at noon.

Winter kicks off the holiday season. Cities get their lights on and unlock the magic of Christmas. It’s an opportunity to be with the people you love.

A week later, it is New Year’s Day, a time to celebrate with joy and good humour and make some “good resolutions”.


Discover down below our suggestions of  visits during your stay !

  • Natural sites between Aubrac, Margeride and Vallée du Lot
  • Gévaudan Museum
  • The Wolves of Gévaudan
  • The Caves of Roquefort
  • The Bisons of Europe
  • The spa resort of Bagnols-Les-Bains
  • La Chaldette Spa
  • Chocolaterie Malakoff
  • The Castle of Labaume

la lozere naturellement