I rush to the Land of Jules Verne

I rush to the Land of Jules Verne



per night and per person FB

for a stay of 1 night

child rate: € 73.50 /night*

This stay includes

  • Superior comfort room for 2 persons or family suite for 2 to 5 persons
  • Breakfast buffet based on local and homemade products (discover the good products of our Lozere)
  • The gourmet picnic: home-made with products from our local suppliers. Be an actor of our territory La Lozère and discover our culinary know-how
  • The visit of the Aven Arman: this listed site has put everything in place to welcome you on a daily basis to the causse where you will discover a land conducive to resourcing and escape.
  • Visit of the Caussenarde Farm of the past: formula of the ewes and the Men. Go back in time, in the heart of the Causses, this almost desert land, go to an unknown land
  • The evening meal on a half-board basis: always in a locavore approach, we work on our seasonal menu with our suppliers from Lozère and Ayeron, who also allow you to escape through your taste buds
  • Lozère, the least populated department in France, opens its arms for you to discover its territory
  • Our park of one hectare welcomes you, that is to say 14.5m² of available space per person, enough to recharge your batteries at the water's edge

This stay don't include

  • the beverages
  • other visits not included in the stay
  • The crowd
  • The traffic
  • Lack of time

Towards the past and the country of Jules Verne

Set out to conquer this underworld.


Plunge into the heart of this abyss that will take your breath away, Jules Verne this world exists: a magical moment underground. At 2 steps the past resumes its rights to the land of the sheep from time to time.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site

Well done 6 feet under!

In the heart of the Gorges du Tarn on the Causse, these sites of visit will allow you at the same time to enjoy along the road of landscapes that we see in the films. We told you about it, proof that heaven exists!

Your program:

The program

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the bedroom

D2: breakfast

  • 9h departure for Aven Armand
  • 11h Visit of Aven Armand
  • 12h Gourmet Picnic
  • 15h visit of the farm Caussenarde D’Autrefois and of the sheep and men

Your « MAP » outward journey 

The day of everything possible

Hôtel La Canourgue: Hôtel Les 2 Rives


Departing from Banassac by crossing La Canourgue «Petite Venise Lozérienne».

A village that we advise you to visit upon your arrival with us, but imperatively to have visited before leaving. The canals will seduce you, indeed at us only the boats are missing.


A morning in unknown territory.

9:30 am : it’s time to hit the road

golf-lacanourgue-hotel-les2rivesPassing in front of the Golf des Gorges du Tarn on the town of La Canourgue, you will discover immediately the landscapes of the Causse which will allow you to descend in the direction of La Malène.


The Village of La Malène is a small village typical of the gorges where you are invited to make a small stop to enjoy these few alleys as well as its breathtaking view of the Tarn!

la malène tourisme lozère


Cross the bridge on foot first to see this village from the other bank of the Tarn.

Then head towards Aven Armand, cross the bridge again, but this time by car, in the coast there is the possibility to make a small stop to the virgin to enjoy an even more breathtaking view (be careful not to clutter up the traffic.

11:00 am : arrival at Aven Armand

150 years ago,

Séjour Gorges du Tarn - Canoë - Aven Armand

Jules Verne wrote «Voyage au centre de la terre», ignoring that this world already existed in reality.

With the complicity of passionate guides, come discover this space out of time where lights, images and sounds weave links between fiction and reality… Jules Verne tells us the extraordinary story of this abyss revisited with all its imagination, in a dive more than 100 meters underground and at the heart of our underground emotions.            Easy access by means of a funicular.

A wonderful site

Discovered on the Causse Méjean on September 17, 1897, by Louis ARMAND, this wonderful site has been open to the public since June 11, 1927.

The hour of the gourmet break has arrived

pique nique tourisme lozere

1:30 pm Your meal on the Causse with a breathtaking view of La Ferme Caussenarde D’Autrefois where you can enjoy a gourmet picnic prepared by our teams.





03:00 pm/ arrival at the Caussenarde farm Of Old, sheep and men

A story that continues to be written

The story begins in 1640 with the first part of the construction of the farm (first kitchen, first bedroom, first «agricultural building»). Two enlargements were added in the 18th and 19th century, thus drawing the farmhouse as we know it today. In 1946, Irma Julié, Mary’s grandmother, died. The Farm was no longer inhabited.

In 1973, Marie and Armand PRATLONG chose to make the greatest number to discover the caussenard heritage through the old farm of the Marie family. La Ferme Caussenarde d’Autrefois was born. Their children and grandchildren continue to make live this patrimony and these traditions today universally recognized by the inscription of the Causses and the Cévennes to the World Heritage of the UNESCO.

la ferme caussenarde d autrefois tarn tourisme

Return by the sublime point!

Séjour Lozère - Gorges du Tarn - Hôtel Les 2 Rives

Located at 870 m of altitude, the classified site of the «Point Sublime» is one of the places in the gorges of the Tarn where the view is to cut the soufle. Located on the Causse de Sauveterre, the Point-Sublime is a viewpoint that offers visitors the spectacle of these wonderful ochre cliffs diving into the emerald waters of the Tarn.

At the foot, more than four hundred meters below, the Tarn makes a right-angle turn and this ‘whim’ allows the visitor to take the gorges in a row, and towards the east, and towards the south.

Opposite, the steep cornices of Causse Méjean give the final touch to the character of the place and complete this magnificent painting worthy of the greatest artists.

The Rock of Hourtous (little more)

roc des hourtous lozère tourisme

Rock of hourtous lozère tourismeA coffee, a tea: the ideal place for a small snack in the background of the day with a breathtaking view.

Balcony of the causse Méjean, the panorama of the Roc des Hourtous overhangs by 500 m the narrowest part of the Gorges du Tarn: the straits. It is also the evening come «a dormitory for vultures». In spring orchids abound, without being botanist we can still admire them!

A viewpoint on the Gorges or the view embraces a whole grandiose section of the Gorges, from the hamlet of the Angle to the Cirque des Baumes


Your rates in more details:

  • Stay of 2 nights
  • Rate for 2 people
    • superior comfort room
    • from €129.50/ad/night to €133.50/ad/night
  • Your family stay

Period of validity of the offer

  • This stay is proposed from Easter to All Saints’ Day. This stay is adapted to any type of weather.
  • The stay is suitable for both a family outing or 2.


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