Furry and feathery stay in Lozère

maison des vautours séjour lozère
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During our stay we discovered a way where animals rub shoulders with humans. It all started in the land of the little red chaperone, then in a more winter world in the company of the Bisons of Europe to finally look up and discover the sky of Lozère and its inhabitants sharing the sky with the stars! Young and old came back in amazement

Discover a world full of animals in this wild Lozère.

These emblematic animals of La Lozère


Your program:

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the room

D2: breakfast

  • 9am start for Gévaudan Wolves
  • 12.30 p.m. Picnic in the heart of this place with the Red Riding Hood
  • 2pm it's off to conquer the north of Margeride
  • Mid-afternoon, discovery of the Bisons of Europe
  • Return by the Aubrac plateaus
  • 7.30pm/8pm - Dinner in 1/2 pension at Les 2 Rives restaurant

D3: Breakfast

  • Departure from the Hotel Les 2 Rives
  • mandatory stop at Sublime Point
  • Visit the Belvedere of the Vultures
  • Enjoy the Tarn Gorge and Mount Aigual

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We remind you that all activities must be carried out with the different partners.

La Lozère and its secrets

WHAT TO BE discovered by YOU!

This stay over 3 days and 2 nights offers 2 routes to discover its emblematic places. For day 2 the choice of return is free.

Feel free to ask for advice depending on your return destination, we will advise you for visits on the way


The day of all possible

Hôtel La Canourgue: Hôtel Les 2 Rives


From Banassac crossing La Canourgue « Little Lozérian Venice ».

A village that we advise you to visit when you arrive with us, but it is imperative to have visited before leaving. The canals will seduce you, in fact in our country it is missing only the boats.

A WHOLE STORY!    Your route for this first day « MAP »


Day 1: Let’s conquer these « furry » universes

A day shot under the animal side, bring out the animal that is in you.

Your choice is a visit to the Bisons of Europe or Wolves of Gévaudan

Wolves of Gévaudan

séjour loup du gévaudan en lozere

wolf stay of the gévaudan in lozereThe beautiful story of the wolves of Gévaudan

Born from the passion of a man, Gérard Ménatory , the Parc Les Loups du Gévaudan offers visitors an exceptional encounter with this mysterious and fascinating animal that is the wolf. Find out how in more than three decades it has become the largest wolf park in Europe.

Bisons from Europe


Bisons d'Europe- Bisons Lozère - Séjour famille Lozère

Have you ever come across a prehistoric animal?

A guaranteed change of scenery without going to the other side of the world! The European bison reserve offers a unique experience to live with your family, solo or in a group to meet this extraordinary prehistoric animal, during your holiday in Lozère. La Lozère, land of nature activities and discoveries […]

At the end of the day

When you return to the 2 Rives, go by the way of the schoolchildren and enjoy the Plateau of Aubrac. And discover our little favorite places.

Nasbinals: The Derocal Cascade

cascade du déroc tourisme aubrac

The Deroc waterfall dominates the small glacial valley of the Gambaïse Creek by 30 metres: stunning views of the Marchastel region with, in the background, the vast expanses of the Lozerian granite Aubrac.

Access to the waterfall is accessed from a small path from the commune of Nasbinals. Following the stream, we arrive at the edge of the ravine. There, the tributary of the Bès and the waters of Lake Salhians rush from the basalt ledge under which a cave was formed. Its ceiling is made up of large basaltic prisms remarkable for their geometry.


A cool stop on the shores of Lac de Bonnecombe



lac de bonnecombe lozere tourisme

Bonnecombe Pond is located in the canton of Saint-Germain-du-Teil, near the commune les Salces below the Col de Bonnecombe.

At 1350 meters above sea level on the Aubrac, the pond is an ideal place to fish for rainbow trout.

Several pontoons have been moved in for easy access during a walk around the pond. However, the setting remains wild enough to observe the local flora and fauna.

Your route for this first « MAP » day 

Day 2: Let’s conquer the air

In Lozère you have to look everywhere, the sky is beautiful at night with its starry sky, but during the day you can also discover its inhabitants with impressive feathers.

Here too we offer you some nuggets to discover in addition, so follow the guide!

The sublime point!

Séjour Groupe Lozère - Gorges du Tarn - Hôtel Les 2 Rives

Located at an altitude of 870 m, the listed site of the « Point Sublime » is one of the places in the Tarn Gorge where the view is breathtaking. Located on the Causse de Sauveterre, Point-Sublime is a lookout that offers visitors the spectacle of these wonderful ochre cliffs plunging into the emerald waters of the Tarn. At the foot, more than four hundred meters below, the Tarn makes a turn at right angles and this ‘caprice’ allows the visitor to take the gorges in a row, and to the east, and to the south.

Opposite, the steep ledges of the Méjean causse give the final touch to the character of the place and complete this magnificent painting worthy of the greatest artists.

The House of Vultures

maison des vautours séjour lozère

A visit to change your mind about raptors is the proposed program.

Located in the Gorges de la Jonte, close to the village of Truel between Le Rozier and Meyrueis, the House of Vultures is not limited to a simple lookout.

Don’t hesitate to walk through the doors to discover the world of this animal with a reputation as a undertaker.

The site is dominated by the high limestone cliffs of The Causse

vautours tourisme lozere


A unique experience for a visit of at least one hour.

Four species of vultures nest freely today in France. Thanks to the passion of men, protection associations and the commitment of the Cévennes National Park, three of them once again hover over the Causses and the Gorges de la Jonte and Tarn. Meet this volatile master of the caussenards.


Direction « Mount Aigual »

It is one of the major massifs of the Cévennes National Park, and today a nature resort 4 seasons thanks to the establishment of numerous courses for amateur and experienced sportsmen. The forests offer calm and relaxation, they are discovered along trails and arboretums. At its peak, the Meteosite dominates and lets us look 360 degrees to the Mediterranean Sea!

The Observatory of Mount Aigoual, the last mountain weather station, radiates like a lighthouse between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean…

From the Mediterranean world, the Aigoual massif receives climatic excesses and southern sweetness. From the Atlantic and mountain world, he knows the rigor of snowy winters and the vastness of the great outdoors.

The technicians of Météo France present in a friendly way everything related to meteorological science with the help of tools and adapted media.

The route in the exhibition allows you to discover the Aigoual massif, the exceptional climatology of this meteorological observatory whose history begins in 1894, through photos, videos, models, slideshows, instruments, games.



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