Lozère family holidays: Lozère and the Loups du Gévaudan park

séjour loup du gévaudan en lozere
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I offer myself a break in the land of the little Red chaperone! Yes!  Let's enjoy clean, healthy air for our holidays."

During your holiday in Lozère, the Aveyron is only 2 steps away! So let's cross the border together.

Stay of the little red chaperone

The largest wolf park in Europe

Recommended by Enzo

Your program:

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the room

  • Dinner in 1/2 board at Les 2 Rives restaurant

D2: breakfast

  • 9am departure for the Aubrac plateaus
  • Morning on the plateaus of Aubrac and cascade du Deroc
  • 13:00 Pique Nique Gourmand on Aubrac
  • 2:30 p.m. visit to Gévaudan Wolves Park

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We remind you that all activities must be carried out with the different partners.

To each kingdom, its secrets

Who is just waiting to be discovered by you!

It’s up to you to choose your route freely for this day, or follow the recommendations by the schoolboys’ route!

Below you will find our recommendation for your immersion in the Land of the Little Red Riding Hood who will be rich in terms of landscape, winding roads and historical monuments. Especially don’t forget to visit our favorites along the way.

  • The day of all possible

Hôtel La Canourgue: Hôtel Les 2 Rives

From Banassac crossing La Canourgue « Little Lozérian Venice ».

A village that we advise you to visit when you arrive with us, but it is imperative to have visited before leaving. The canals will seduce you, in fact in our country it is missing only the boats.



A morning rich in landscapes and monuments

9am: It’s time to hit the road

Take the direction of St Germain du Teil, the road to Aubrac opens to you. Once past « Les Salces », take the opportunity to take a short break at the Bonnecombe pass, a favourite spot for young sinners.

  • The fishing pond at Bonnecombe Pass

lac de bonnecombe lozere tourisme

On the Aubrac, found the bonnecombe pond, perched at 1350 meters above sea level. Located on the commune of Salces, it is the gateway to the famous Route des Lacs, marking the starting point for breathtaking landscapes.



Transhumance Aubrac -Hôtel Groupe Lozère - Hôtel Les 2 RivesLocated on the Pesquio Creek passage, Bonnecombe Pond is surrounded by bogs and marshy areas, home to a large and varied wildlife. A pontoon allows easy access to its areas and to circulate around the pond. In the summer, you will have the chance to observe the Aubrac cows nearby, accompanied by their calves and bull, will graze peacefully.


Once you’ve stretched your legs around the water, head back to Nasbinals. Just before arriving at the village take the time to go to the Cascade du Deroc an unmissable place of the plateau where imagine in winter the waterfall can freeze from top to bottom.


  • The Deroc waterfall

cascade du déroc tourisme aubracThe Deroc waterfall dominates the small glacial valley of the Gambaïse Creek by 30 metres: stunning views of the Marchastel region with, in the background, the vast expanses of the Lozerian granite Aubrac.

Access to the waterfall is a small path from the town of Nasbinals. Following the stream, we arrive at the edge of the ravine. There, the tributary of the Bès and the waters of Lake Salhians rush from the basalt ledge under which a cave was formed. Its ceiling is made up of large basaltic prisms remarkable for their geometry.

This cave discovered by Dr. Prunière was to serve as a refuge for the robbers of the great roads.


The time for the gourmet break has arrived

pique nique tourisme lozere

What better place to picnic, enjoy the point of view and when you wish to take back to the Wolves of Gévaudan and take a break where the point of view will amaze you the most.





Your afternoon in the land of Little Red Riding Hood


séjour loup du gévaudan en lozere
A project to renovate and expand the park is initiated with the aim of welcoming a new pack, offering visitors more educational and fun activities when they come. New facilities will allow people with reduced mobility to discover the Park.


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