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The choice of views is so vast in our territories that you will be spoilt for choice to enjoy and immortalize it.

Conquer these places and post your best selfie on Facebook or Instagram

The most beautiful places in Lozère and Aveyron

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These places are ideal for rejuvenating

Back to basics!

Places outside the tourist circuit, nothing like to escape and refocus on yourself and your daily life. Places on the edge of the Lozère and Aveyron beyond the territories: in Margeride, on the Aubrac, in the Tarn Gorges or in the heart of the Lot Valley.


Your program:

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the room

Dinner in 1/2 board at Les 2 Rives restaurant
D2: Breakfast

Head to your chosen Place of Pique Nique
St Frézal Chapel
The Pass of the 3 Sisters
The Chapel of St Felix on the commune of Servières
The Edges of Bès
The Rock of Peyre
The Chateau de Canilhac



the most beautiful places of Pique-Nique

The Chapel of St Frézal

chapelle st frezal tourisme lozere lacanourgur
The Chapel of Saint-Frézal is located about 1km from the heart of the village of La Canourgue, in a green setting at the foot of the mountain and the spring of Saint-Frézal. It is a listed historical monument, whose construction dates back to the 10th and 12th centuries, making it one of the oldest religious monuments in Gévaudan.



  • « To do »
    At the start of the chapel a hike in the old terraces IS proposed, take about 1 hour to make the loop
  • « To see »
    Visit to the Pisciculture of St Frézal

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 Votre trajet pour St Frézal « MAP » 

The Col of the 3 Sisters

ols des 3 soeurs Margerideols of the 3 sisters MargerideThe Three Sisters’ Pass was the scene of a tragic story: in winter, three sisters from La Panouse working one at the Baraque-de-Bor, the other at the Baraque-des-Bouviers, and the third at the Baraque-de-la-Motte, return late from a ball in La Villedieu and let themselves be surprised by the fournelo, a kind of frequent winter snowstorm in Margeride , on the windy, bare heights of the collar. They go astray and perish buried under the snow.

The next day, alerted to the disturbing disappearance of the three girls, the men of the village climbed to the pass and found them lifeless under a thick shroud of snow. According to other versions, they were devoured by wolves.

Since this tragic event, the pass has been named after the unfortunate sisters. When fog or snow covered the Margeride, the three sisters would come back to haunt the sinister pass.

« To do »

  • The Bisons of Europe
  • The Javols Museum

 Votre trajet pour le Col des 3 Soeurs « MAP » 

The Chapel of St Felix on the bottom of Servières

chapelle st félix tourisme lozere servièresWooded crests, streams with white water flowing down from the plateau, terraced vines mixing with the red of the ground, rocks, houses and the ancient city of Villecomtal: a very contrasting hike.

Beautiful hike of 1 hour driveway that will allow you to enjoy a setting at the water’s edge. (Summer the water is warm enough to bathe in)




 Votre trajet pour la Chapelle St Félix « MAP » 

Peyre rock

le roc e peyre tourisme lozereThe Roc de Peyre is an isolated volcanic piton made up of basalt and approximately dated to the Pliocene. It is pretty much contemporary with the Fare thing, located further south. Like him, it cannot be linked to the volcanism of Aubrac, which predates its formation.

It dominates to the south the gorges dug by the River Crueize known as the Valley of Hell.

It was on the rock of Peyre that was located the castle of the barony of Peyre, one of the most powerful of the Gévaudan. This castle had a reputation for being impregnable, which was the case until the 16th century and its destruction by the Happy Admiral.

« To do »

The wolves of Gévaudan

Votre trajet pour Le Roc de Peyre « MAP » 



Aubrac is known for its beautiful cows, burons and culinary specialties. The ancient burons in Aubrac still dot the landscape: these houses with the roof of lauze evoke the time when shepherds found refuge in these cramped rooms to make and store cheese, and shelter from the burle, this fearsome westerly wind. The Bès is home to a beautiful population of Fario trout, with a dark colour, little pigmented, very combative.

« To see »

  • The Deroc waterfall

It’s a 30-metre-high waterfall, so to speak, a giant mister! It overlooks the small glacial valley of the Gambaïse Creek: stunning views of the Marchastel region with, in the background, the vast expanses of the Lozerian granite Aubrac.

  • To st Genez d’olt: The Cloitre

cloitre de st geniez d'olt tourismeCloister of st geniez d’olt tourismeThusthre cloister was built around the 1350s by the Brotherhood of Augustinians after being driven out of the nearby village of Sainte-Eulalie.
It is open on the inner courtyard by 3 sides in arcades -in bad condition – At their ends, under the wood-panelled ceiling, you can see niches with scallops.
Above these arcades, an interior gallery goes around the inner courtyard in the centre of which is an ancient well surrounded by a flower mass.
The stones of the 17th century castle were used to build the street façade.

 Votre trajet sur les bords du Bès « MAP » 

Canilhac Castle

chateau de canilhac tourisme lozereLocated in the Lot Valley on the edge of the Causse de Sauveterre, the small village of Canilhac, now known as Banassac-Canilhac after recently merging with the nearby town of Banassac, was the seat for many centuries of one of the eight baronies of Gévaudan: that of the lords of Canilhac, one of the most powerful in the region. Stretching from Rouergue, now Aveyron, to Gévaudan where they owned several castles, it reigned over a very large and contrasting territory. It has been going on many times over the centuries. The castle you can now see in Canilhac was already in ruins in the 17th century. However, it has benefited from a recent restoration that has stabilized its condition.

« to do »


  • St Saturnin Castle

    chateau de st saturnin tourisme lozere

A legend is associated with the castle and its lords. In the Middle 

Ages, people who passed the castle were in a duty to greet by discovering themselves or descending from their mounts. One day, several individuals who did not realize the salvation were locked up in the castle prison. But the lord did not want to pay to keep them locked up, he made a deal with them: they would be free if they made the distance between the dungeons and the door by dancing. But the prisoners were not aware of the conditions under which the dance was to take place. Indeed, just before the passage of the prisoners, the lord had warmed the stones of the walls and the ground.

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