Relaxing break in Lozère

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Hôtel Les 2 Rives - Séjour détente Lozère
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Séjour cocooning Lozère
Séjour lozère romantique - gévaudan - Hôtel Les 2 rives - Hôtel Lozère
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Relaxing break in Lozère



per night and per person

for a stay of

1 night in FB

This stay includes

  • Superior Comfort Room
  • The breakfast buffet based on local products and home-made (discover the good products of our Lozere
  • The gourmet picnic: home-made with products from our local suppliers. Be an actor of our territory La Lozère and discover our culinary know-how.
  • Access to the wellness area of La Chaldette. Isolated in the fir forest, you can enjoy the large jacuzzi area with a view of the woods or the outdoor solarium with a view of the Aubrac and its small river the Bes.
  • The evening meal in 1/2 pension: always in a locavore approach we have for principle to work our card of season with our suppliers of Lozere and Ayeron which also allow you to escape by the papillae.
  • Lozere, the least populated department of France opens its arms to you to make you discover its territory.
  • Our park of one hectare welcomes you with 14.5m² of available space per person to recharge your batteries on the waterfront.
  • Share the moments of your stay on the networks using #les2rives

This stay don't include

  • visits other than those included
  • beverages
  • the crowd
  • traffic
  • lack of time

Relaxation in the heart of the great outdoors.

On the program: nature, relaxation and return to basics


I offer myself a wellness break in Lozère! Yes!  Yesterday is behind, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift: that is why it is called the present. » During your holiday in Lozère, forget the metro-boulot-dodo and make the most of the moment. Just take the time to live!

To each kingdom, its moment of relaxation!

Who is just waiting to be discovered by you!

It’s up to you to choose your route for this day, or follow the recommendations by the schoolboys’ route!

Below you will find our recommendation for your immersion in Aubrac which will be rich in terms of landscape, winding roads and historical monuments. Especially don’t forget to visit our favorites along the way.

Your program:

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the room

  • Dinner in 1/2 board at Les 2 Rives restaurant

D2: breakfast

  • 9am departure for your visits

  • 2.30pm Thermes de la Chaldette

Your ride to « MAP » 

The day of all possible

Hôtel La Canourgue: Hôtel Les 2 Rives


From Banassac crossing La Canourgue « Little Lozérian Venice ».

A village that we advise you to visit when you arrive with us, but it is imperative to have visited before leaving. The canals will seduce you, in fact in our country it is missing only the boats.



 A morning rich in landscapes and monuments

9am: It’s time to hit the road

Take the direction of St Germain du Teil, the road to Aubrac opens to you. Once past « Les Salces », take the opportunity to take a short break at the Bonnecombe pass, a favourite spot for young sinners.

  • The fishing pond at Bonnecombe Pass

lac de bonnecombe lozere tourismeOn the Aubrac, found the bonnecombe pond, perched at 1350 meters above sea level. Located on the commune of Salces, it is the gateway to the famous Route des Lacs, marking the starting point for breathtaking landscapes.


  • Transhumance Aubrac

Transhumance Aubrac -Hôtel Groupe Lozère - Hôtel Les 2 RivesLocated on the Pesquio Creek passage, Bonnecombe Pond is surrounded by bogs and marshy areas, home to a large and varied wildlife. A pontoon allows easy access to its areas and to circulate around the pond. In the summer, you will have the chance to observe the Aubrac cows nearby, accompanied by their calves and bull, graze peacefully.

A liver that you will have stretched your legs around the body of water, leave towards Nasbinals. Just before arriving at the village take the time to go to the Cascade du Deroc an unmissable place of the plateau where imagine in winter the waterfall can freeze from top to bottom.


  • The Deroc waterfall

cascade du déroc tourisme aubracThe Deroc waterfall dominates the small glacial valley of the Gambaïse Creek by 30 metres: stunning views of the Marchastel region with, in the background, the vast expanses of the Lozerian granite Aubrac.

Access to the waterfall is a small path from the town of Nasbinals. Following the stream, we arrive at the edge of the ravine. There, the tributary of the Bès and the waters of Lake Salhians rush from the basalt ledge under which a cave was formed. Its ceiling is made up of large basaltic prisms remarkable for their geometry.

This cave discovered by Dr. Prunière was to serve as a refuge for the robbers of the great roads.


 It’s time for a gourmet break.

pique nique tourisme lozere


The time for the gourmet break has arrived. What better way to picnic, enjoy the view and when you wish to head back to the Chaldette and take a break at the Pont du Bès.



The Thermal de la Chaldette resort


The Aubrac discovered, between heaven and earth…

The resort of La Chaldette is located in the heart of the Aubrac on the banks of the Bès, 1000 meters above sea level.

station-thermale-la-chaldette - Station thermale Lozère - Hôtel Les 2 RivesA human-sized station.
Warm and welcoming, enjoy the moment of a 100% relaxing immersion in La Chaldette. Body care, hydrotherapy and aesthetics, let yourself be tempted by a well-being parenthesis.

The Aubrac is a large basalt plateau that offers immense and beautiful landscapes with vast expanses of meadows and flowering moors. In summer under a great sun or winter in the snow, depending on the seasons Aubrac is rich in character.

The Aubrac is also a beautiful state forest of 2400 hectares and many lakes that offer hikers unforgettable paintings.

séjour cocon lozere hotel les 2 rivesstay cocoon lozere hotel on the 2 banksL’Aubrac, it is finally the land of burons, Aubrac cows, tome and aligot, a local specialty based on mashed potatoes and fresh tome.

You can also take advantage of your stay in La Chaldette to discover the treasures of the Romanesque granite churches of Aubrac. But also the remains that the Templars left in the region or the many local festivals.

Among these outdoor activities, hiking getaways are a great success far beyond our national borders.

Nestled at an altitude of 1000 m in the heart of Aubrac, the spa of La Chaldette offers a complete range of treatments. Its geographical position opens it to 2 regions and 3 departments.

WELLNESS SPACE. A human-sized station.
Warm and welcoming, enjoy the moment of a 100% relaxing immersion in La Chaldette. Body care, hydrotherapy and aesthetics, let yourself be tempted by a well-being parenthesis.

Your rates in more detail :

  • 2-night stay
  • Rate for 2 people

The validity of the stay

  • 02 April to 26 November 2022


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