Visit to the farm in Aubrac: Rodier Sartre Farm

séjour à la ferme lozère kes 2 rives
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Visit and immersion on the farm on the Aubrac

Conquering Aubrac cows


Visit the « Rodier Sartre Breeding », 4th generation discover this family farm where different farms rub shoulders. The Aubrac cows will make you the beautiful eyes, the biquettes are to chew. My little favorite, the goat nursery. And then for the gluttony the final stop a real treat.

Your program

D1: arrival at the hotel, taking possession of the room

D2: breakfast

The day of all possible

Hôtel La Canourgue: Hôtel Les 2 Rives




From Banassac crossing La Canourgue « Little Lozérian Venice ».

A village that we advise you to visit when you arrive with us, but it is imperative to have visited before leaving. The canals will seduce you, in fact in our country it is missing only the boats.



Your « MAP » outward journey 

9am/ Direction Aubrac

Take advantage of the morning to discover the plateaus of aubrac, take the direction of St Germain of the small town Teil, then continue your route towards The Lake of Bonnecombe

  • The gourmet stop: The Radal Inn

auberge du radal tourisme aubracAubrac tourism radal hostelThe reception, sincerity and terroir are at the rendezvous in this house. So when you get on the Aubrac plateau, take the opportunity to make a stop. An ideal place to quench your thirst or a must-have table at Aubarc.


  • The time for the gourmet break has arrived

1.30pm Your meal on the Aubrac with a stunning view of Bonnecombe Lake where you can enjoy a gourmet picnic prepared by our team

lac de bonnecombe lozere tourisme

Bonnecombe Pond is located in the canton of Saint-Germain-du-Teil, near the commune les Salces below the Col de Bonnecombe.

At 1350 meters above sea level on the Aubrac, the pond is an ideal place to fish for rainbow trout.

Several pontoons have been moved in for easy access during a walk around the pond. However, the setting remains wild enough to observe the local flora and fauna.

Afternoon start: Nasbinals waterfall of the deroin

cascade du déroc tourisme aubrac

The Deroc waterfall dominates the small glacial valley of the Gambaïse Creek by 30 metres: stunning views of the Marchastel region with, in the background, the vast expanses of the Lozerian granite Aubrac.

Access to the waterfall is accessed from a small path from the commune of Nasbinals. Following the stream, we arrive at the edge of the ravine. There, the tributary of the Bès and the waters of Lake Salhians rush from the basalt ledge under which a cave was formed. Its ceiling is made up of large basaltic prisms remarkable for their geometry.


5pm / 5.30pm the appointment is given at the Rodier Sartre breeding

A family farm in Aubrac

séjour visite à la ferme lozèreFor several generations, they have been committed to producing products full of flavours and quality for a healthy diet, respecting the well-being of animals, soils and the environment.

They grow


élevage rodier sartre

A rod breeding at altitude on the Aubrac Lozérien plateau, this family farm combines tradition and modernity to ensure the mission they have entrusted themselves for several generations: to offer you a healthy diet, with quality products and taste.

They carry out our profession with passion, pride and determination. They are convinced of their choice to rely on the control of the products of our land on your plates: reasoning of production methods, food autonomy of herds, transformation on the farm and direct sale are all guarantees to the quality of our products.



séjour à la ferme élevage rodier sartre lozere

Stay at the farm farm roder sartre lozereYou feed healthily and with quality products starts with respect for the soil and the environment.

That is why they have chosen a reasoned agriculture, practices that bring quality food, using regulatory mechanisms and natural balances, to limit to the bare minimum the intake of inputs outside the farm. Above all, they seek to produce cleanly but produce enough.

They raise

Their Aubrac cows

séjour à la ferme lozère kes 2 rives

The Aubrac herd of cows has always existed on the farm. They give it a special place in our daily lives and like to go and see them in their stables or in the fields.

It is a pride and a mission for them to maintain and promote this race of territory, rustic and productive, endowed with an undeniable elegance that gives it its wheat coat, its eyes waxed with black and its horns read.

Their Goats and Cheeses

séjour à la ferme lozèreGoats in Aubrac are not common! It all goes back to a Mother’s Day gift in 2009! Their mother then starts to produce cheeses, and little by little the herd grows and the cheeses multiply! They chose the Alpine breed, a rustic breed that looks pretty much like their Aubrac cows because of its dress. They preferred it for the quality of its milk, rich in protein and fat conducive to making tasty cheeses.

Gourmandises and Traditions

séjour à la ferme aubrac

A gourmet moment at the end of the visit awaits you and you will not be disappointed. During your stay you will discover their products on our menu, but discovering them directly on site brings charm and authenticity. What’s more, it brings a rich moment of exchange and gluttony.

Bring a little Aubrac home either for a treat or to offer. They offer their meats, cold cuts and cheeses on sale on the farm.

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